• Positive Attendance Plan

    SCHS follows a positive attendance plan policy. We give students credit for the time they are in class and working on their curriculum. As such, it is our school’s philosophy to focus on the student progress in the class. It is the student’s responsibility to get to their classes and, working with the teachers, make progress in the course work. Obviously, students who don’t attend class very often and/or do not use their class time productively will not be very successful in any school, so attendance is very important. Poor attendance will be evident in a lack of progress and may result in removal from a class due to lack of significant progress.

    Attendance Expectations

    Students are expected to attend each class 100 minutes per day.

    As SCHS students move into young adulthood, SCHS fosters an educational atmosphere that encourages responsible decision making and good communication skills. Students are given considerable flexibility to make positive and realistic choices when creating their daily study plans. Students have ownership over their long term educational and career plans. With this flexibility it is critical that students communicate regularly with their advisors if they must be absent. With the advisor’s help, they can make adjustments to their daily work plan or overall goals.




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