Sources of Strength

  • Advisors: Angela Siewert and Whitney Spah

    What are your sources of strength? Bismarck High School peer-leaders are working to spread messages of hope, help, and strength. It's clear that life has its ups and downs. Let's help each other find ways to overcome the challenges we face.

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    Description of Club: Sources of Strength is a school-wide wellness program that has a mission to provide high quality prevention for suicide, violence, substance abuse and risky behaviors by training, supporting, and empowering peer leaders and caring adults. It is a strength-based program where students are encouraged to host positive activities, create videos, display art, put on presentations, and, in general, think creatively to spread hope and strength messages to their classmates. Sources of Strength works in stages. First, Bismarck High School staff is trained on the program. Then, the adult advisers identify a diverse group of students from various social and interest groups who will be trained to lead the school in building a positive climate. In the end anyone, regardless of whether or not they attended the fall training, can join the Sources of Strength Club to help propel messages of hope, help and strength to their peers.

    Procedures for Joining: Students who demonstrate leadership qualities are invited to attend a full-day training and to participate in school projects to send out positive peer-to-peer messages about sources of strength and how to locate trusted adults in order to help students who are struggling. Students who don’t receive invitations can still join by talking to the advisors.

    Membership Limit: All are welcome! Each year, about 50 students will be nominated to attend the fall trainings, but all students are welcome to join the club.

    Time Commitment: Following the training, students are expected to be involved in at least 12-15 hours of prevention activities throughout the school year.

    Activity Time Period: The club meets Thursdays in the Library Media Center every week during the school year.


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