Student Council

  • Eligibility Requirements:
    9-11 graders and Simle 8th graders are selected during April of each school year. Students must submit an application and interview with the advisors. Students selected in April will serve the following school year.

    Description of Club:
    Student Counsel is the voice of the LHS student body. Their goals are to improve school culture and climate. Members often advise LHS faculty and staff on student issues and concerns. They work to plan events for the school which include but not limited to: Homecoming, Late Night in Saber City, Sabers Got Talents, and Snow Ball.

    Time Commitment:
    Student Counsel meets every week before school for one hour. When students are planning and working on events, the time commitment greatly increases to several hours a week.

    Procedures for Joining:
    Watch for announcements in April.

    Activity Time Period:
    All school year

    Membership Limit:

    Catherine Littlefield
    Maggie Townsend