Facts About LHS

  • Features:
    Energy efficient and tech-ready with natural light and safety features throughout the school.

    Personalized Flex Schedule:
    The flex mod schedule allows students to learn in large groups and smaller learning classes.

    1.1 Learning Environment:
    All students use Chromebooks to access online texts, Google and Moodle coursework, online calendars, and other resources; fewer textbooks and lockers.

    Many rooms have garage-like doors that can be opened to create larger spaces for project work, multi-class lectures, etc. With the exception of lab classes, few teachers have their own classrooms. They move around the school during the day with a rolling lectern, computer, and other teaching materials to facilitate flexible scheduling and accelerate 21st century learning. Teachers have a workroom with a desk and locker.

    Lab courses have large hallway windows like the Career Academy so passersby can see hands-on learning taking place and interest students in taking lab classes.

    Presentation Stairs:
    There are 2 large staircases which double as extra seating; people can sit on the stairs and watch a student or adult give a presentation to provide additional learning space.

    Work Stations:
    All learning wings have glassed-in stations for students/staff to work in small groups similar to businesses where employees are visible and available when working in groups, as needed, to complete a project.

    Saber Learning Centers:
    Content learning areas are staffed throughout the day to assist students with school work and homework.

    Movable furniture can create lecture settings or collaborative spaces in classrooms and public areas; limited cupboards and casework.

    This area is called the Marketplace and seats 494 people for breakfast, lunch, off periods, or non-school related activities. It's located near the main gym and above the Learning Commons. Flexible furniture will create learning spaces when not in use for food services. There are a variety of table types/sizes for people to congregate and interact.

    Learning Commons (Library): 
    This is located below the Marketplace for student/staff convenience. It hosts a Makerspace where students can create and tinker using new and more traditional technologies. Materials, including E-books and other electronic resources, are available in the Learning Commons and can be dispersed throughout LHS where students are working.

    Food Service:
    The kitchen is known as the Saber-Tooth Grill, students enter through the middle doors, grab a beverage and choose a food station, then exit through 2 side doors for efficient traffic flow at mealtime. Meals are an open cafeteria style. Students grab their food during their personalized scheduled free time. It is also open after school with a limited menu.

    Phy. Ed & Athletic Spaces:
    The Haussler Gym has 3 courts and 1,666 seats. There is north and south bleacher seating with a 4-lane running track above that can hold 270. The auxiliary gym has 2 courts and seats 430. Both gyms, weight room, treadmills, etc. are used for P.E. with a focus on youth fitness.

    Fine Arts & Performance Spaces:
    The first dedicated orchestra room in the school district is at LHS. There are also band and choir rooms with small soundproof practice areas. The auditorium seats 620, the orchestra pit can be covered to create additional floor seating (50). Behind the Auditorium stage are dressing rooms and a prep area for building sets. There's a smaller black box theatre adjacent to the auditorium to hold one act plays and other events.

    Outdoor Facilities:
    The outdoor field complex is for school district/community use, which includes football and soccer fields, an 8-lane track, tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, grandstands, and a concessions area. Each sport has 2 fields; 1 turf and 1 natural.