• BPS Email Retention Practices

    BPS stores each piece of mail that comes into your account (bismarckschools.org) on a continuous basis and even if you delete it, it simply moves it to a deleted items folder. Once you delete your "deleted items" folder the content can be retrieved for up to 30 days.
    BPS has the ability to put a litigation hold on an account which prevents any messages from being permanently deleted. This allows us to comply with eDiscovery laws and retention policies. BPS may also provide information based on the following retention practices:

    • Current Data: Email messages currently in an Inbox or mail folders (including your draft, sent, and deleted folders)

    • Deleted Items: Items which have been purged from the deleted folder within the last 30 days.

    • Mail Activity: Full message details and body sent from or to a specific account within the past 90 days.

    • Mail Activity Details: Message tracing does not search message content, only sender, recipient, message ID metadata and activity times.