Grade 7 - Lynx

  • The Lynx Team, a Seventh grade team at Wachter Middle school continues to expose students to the middle school experience. The Lynx Team provides curriculum and social activities to develop organized and responsible students. The goal of the Lynx Team is student success.

    Lynx Team Members:

    John Healy (Team Leader) - Life Science

    Kim Hager - Math 7 and Accelerated Math 7

    Erin Quick - English 7

    Chad Even - Global Studies

    Dayna Zins - Communications 7

    Curt Haux - PE/Health

    Mike Crouse - Technology

    David Augustadt- Band

    Chris Hoffmann- Special Education 


    The Lynx Team of teachers meet each day from 1:50-2:30.  Parents may schedule to meet with us during this time or we may be reached by phone at 323-4650.


    Click here to open team weekly schedule.