TFFR (Teachers Fund for Retirement)

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    Teachers Fund for Retirement (TFFR) - employee contributes 11.75% and the District contributes 12.75%. (certified staff)

    ND Retirement and Investment Office
    3442 East Century Avenue
    PO Box 7100
    Bismarck ND  58507-7100
    (701) 328-9885 or 800-952-2970
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    TFFR Member Online Services 
    You now have online access to your TFFR account information including your account value, beneficiary designation, last annual statement, salary and service detail, and much more.

     To Access Your Account:

    • Click here to log into TFFR Member Online
    • Enter your personal North Dakota Login
      For example, if you have a Personal ND login for ND Teach, STARS, DOT or a Hunting/Fishing License, you can use that here.
      If you are unsure or do not have a personal ND Login, please create one by clicking "Register Now" and fill out only the required fields denoted with an asterisk (*).
    • Once you login successfully with your Personal ID Login and password, you will be prompted for your TFFR Person ID (listed on the Annual Statement).

    Note: You will only be required to enter your TFFR Person ID the first time you log in successfully. After that, you only need your Personal ND Login to access TFFR Member Online.  Please keep a record of the Personal ND Login for future reference.

    If you have attempted to login and were not successful, please contact the TFFR office at 701.328.9885 or 800.952.2970.

    TFFR Retirement Forms

    ND Insurance Department - offers free help with Medicare and other health insurance.

    Social Security - Medicare Benefits

PERS (Public Employment Retirement System)

403b Retirement Options

  • 403b Information

    • BPS employees working 20 or more hours per week are eligible to participate in a traditional 403b or Roth 403b supplemental retirement savings plan.  Contributions are deducted from your paycheck and are tax deferred.  A list of authorized investment providers for payroll deductions can be found on the TSA Consulting website.  

    403b TSA Salary Reduction Agreement
    This form must be completed with your financial advisor. Please send the completed form to the Accounting Department at the Hughes Education Center.

    To make a change (cancel/increase/decrease) to your 403b contribution(s), please complete a 403b Salary Reduction Agreement located at the TSA Consulting Group website.  
    To rollover/transfer/withdraw funds from your 403b account, please contact the TSA Consulting Group.

    TSA Consulting Group
    Fax             1-866-741-0645
    Phone         1-888-796-3786 opt 4