• Parents please note: The 2024 end of the season tournaments for 7th & 8th grade boys' basketball will be Monday, February 19, Tuesday, February 20, and Thursday, February 22. These dates include a federal holiday (President's Day) and a staff development day, so two of the tournament dates are no school dates. We had to schedule those dates due to availability of officials. We wanted to get this information out to parents as early as possible for planning purposes. We understand that many families travel over a four day weekend but we really have no choice but to play on these dates. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


    Parent Meeting Information

    7th Grade C- January Calendar

    7th Grade C- February calendar

    8th Grade "C" Practice/Game Calendar (updated 2/8)


    7-8 Boys Basketball

    First Practice:  January 2nd, 2024 @ 3:30, Simle Gym

    Player Sign Up:  Friday, December 8th  @ 8:10 AM, Simle Cafeteria

    Parent Meeting:  Monday, December 18th @ 5:30 PM, Simle Cafeteria



    Contact information for Simle coaches found here


    Tyler Woeste
    8th Grade "A" Coach

    Jon Breitbach
    8th Grade "B" Coach

    Koby Bosch
    8th Grade "C" Coach

    Luke Moorman
    7th Grade "A" Coach

    Kerry Oberlander
    7th Grade "B" Coach

    Maynard Kachena
    7th Grade "C" Coach



    2023-24 6th Boys Basketball

    First Practice:  Monday, October 30th  2023   5:30-7:00 PM

    Player Sign Up:  Friday, October 13th @ 8:10 AM--Simle Cafeteria

    Parent Meeting:  Monday, October 30th @ 5:15 prior to first practice in the cafeteria



    Contact information for Simle coaches found here


    Maynard Kachena
    Simle 1 and 2
    6th Grade Coach

    Koby Bosch
    Simle 3, 4
    6th Grade Coach

    Jake Larson
    Simle 5,6
    6th Grade Coach


    6th Grade Boys Basketball Practice Schedule (updated 1/5)
















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