• Sources of Strength

    To use the power of peer-led social networks to positively change noms and culture in our school.  The hope is to empower both peer leaders and caring adults to help impact our school and community.

    We believe that many strengths are more powerful than one and our united goal is to activate these strengths to positively reduce suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse through training and positive activities.

    Sources of Strength Peer Leaders are a diverse group of individuals throughout the school who use their personal and collective leadership qualities to help impact positive lifestyles.

    Eligibility Requirements:
    Sources of Strength is a program for any student who want to partake in its activities and events.

    Time Commitment:
    Meetings are held every other week throughout the school year and usually last from 1/2 hour to an hour.  Morning times seem to work best, but we may also use a class period from time to time with a school ansence that does NOT affect test exemption.  

    Procedures for Joining:
    Students interested in Sources of Strength should contact one of the advisors or show up to a meeting.  There is a one school-day training that take place in the fall, but students can still participate in the organization.

    Activity Time Period:
    SOS is active throughout the entire school year.

    Membership Limit: 
    There is no limitation on the number of students able to participate in this program.

    Location of Meetings:
    Most meetings will take place in Mrs. Ringgenberg's room (E102 - Foods Room).

    Mrs. Melissa Ringgenberg