• The following courses are offered at the BPS Career Academy.  Additional information can be found by selecting the course in the left-hand column.


         Agri Science - one semester
         Applied Mechanics - year long
         Botany/Horticulture - year long
         Intro to Agriculture - one semester


         Digital Art & Photography - year long
         Graphic Design - year long


         Aviation I - year long
         Aviation II - year long


         DC Electronics/AC Electronics - one semester for each - must take both as a pre-requisite for Analog or Digital Electronics
         Analog Electronics - year long
         Digital Electronics  - year long

    Health Careers

         Advanced Medical Careers - one semester (1st year Med Careers is a pre-requisite and is taken at the home-schools)
         Certified Nursing Assistant - one semester (1st year Med Careers is a pre-requisite)
         Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries - one semester (1st year Med Careers or Anatomy is a pre-requisite)


         Computer Hardware - one semester
         Intro to Computers - one semester
         Cybersecurity - one semester

    STEM (Tech Ed - Engineering)

         Architecture Design - one semester
         Building Systems - one semester
         Building Systems II - one semester
         Creative Engineering I - one semester
         Creative Engineering II - one semester
         Energy & Power Production - one semester
         Foundations of Technology - one semester
         Robotics - one semester
         Tech Design/3D Modeling - one semester

    Extended Learning Opportunities

         Capstone Seminar