Daily Schedule

  • Legacy's approach to student learning is called personalized scheduling. The day is divided into 22 mods. The number of times classes meet each week has been determined by the respective department. Each course has a definite structure which can include small groups, large groups, and laboratory meetings under the close supervision and leadership of teachers and teaching teams.

    Saber Time (independent study time) is also a component of personalized scheduling. Through this type of study, students are expected to work on class assignments, do recreational reading, confer with teachers, work with materials located in a subject resource center, visit a counselor, or at their choosing, spend time visiting with other students. With Saber Time on a schedule, students become responsible for making many academic decisions. Upperclassmen are free to make many choices regarding what is to be done with their Saber Time. It is the school's belief that young adults can handle this freedom adequately and learn to make decisions on their own, but with these decisions come responsibilities which students must assume. These responsibilities align with Legacy High School's Honor the Code Philosophy:

    Honor the Code:

  • Daily Mod Schedule
    Mod Time Mod Time
    Mod 1 8:10-8:30 Mod 12 11:50-12:10
    Mod 2 8:30-8:50 Mod 13 12:10-12:30
    Mod 3 8:50-9:10 Mod 14 12:30-12:50
    Mod 4 9:10-9:30 Mod 15 12:50-1:10
    Mod 5 9:30-9:50 Mod 16 1:10-1:30
    Mod 6 9:50-10:10 Mod 17 1:30-1:50
    Mod 7 10:10-10:30 Mod 18 1:50-2:10
    Mod 8 10:30-10:50 Mod 19 2:10-2:30
    Mod 9 10:50-11:10 Mod 20 2:30-2:50
    Mod 10 11:10-11:30 Mod 21 2:50-3:10
    Mod 11 11:30-11:50 Mod 22 3:10-3:30
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