• Forgot password or need to reset password or change password

    Use one of the following methods to change your password:

    1. Call Bismarck Public Schools Technology at (701) 323-4040
    2. Use the Password Reset Portal (requires a cell phone number in your iVisions employee profile) 
      1. Go to https://www.bismarckschools.org/passwordreset and enter your username
        (leave off @bismarckschools.org)
      2. Verify your cell phone number and enter the verification code you receive via text
      3. Enter your new password (see password requirements and choosing a password)
    3. Use a Windows PC (to change or update password)
      1. Log in to a BPS managed Windows PC on the BPS network
      2. Simultaneously hold down the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys to display logon options.  Click the Change Password button and complete the fields with your current password and new password.
      3. passwordchange.
    4. Use WebMail (to change or update password)
      1. Log in to Outlook Online
      2. Click on your initials in the top right corner and select View Account
      3. Click the Change Password link and complete the fields with your current password and new password

    Employee password requirements

    Passwords must contain:

    • A minimum of 14 characters
    • At least one uppercase letter
    • At least one lowercase letter
    • At least one number or special character

    Password requirements

    Choosing a password

    Choose, use, and manage strong passwords.  Keep your password secure and never share it.

    An effective way to create a strong password is to choose four random words and string them together to create a passphrase.  The randomness of the word choice and length of the passphrase make it strong.  Add numbers or special characters and mix case for extra strength.

    Never use personal information that could be easily guess or accessed, like your birthday, hobbies, or pet or family member names.  It's easy for your to remember but also easy for a cyber criminal to guess.

    Mathematically, the length of the password is exponentially more important than the complexity of the character-set used.  A long passphrase is easy for you to remember and hard for computers to guess.

    password length

    Download this information as a sharable/printable PDF: How to choose a password