• Outside of Hughes Educational Center building Welcome to Central Registration
    The Bismarck Public School's Central Registration Office was created to register all new and returning students attending any Bismarck Public school. It is a place that parents can get the information they need to transition their student(s) into the school district and onto the path of learning.

    Please email registrar@bismarckschools.org or call the 701-323-4110 to leave a message.
    Calls will be returned in a timely manner. (All paperwork requested can be sent in to the office by mail, fax or email.)

    Office hours: 7:30 am-4 pm 7:30-12 pm Fridays.
    806 N. Washington St., west side, door #2
    Phone: 701-323-4110
    Fax: 701-323-4111
    Email: Central Registration

    To register
    your student(s), go to https://www.bismarckschools.org/Page/3785 and read steps 1-3 before starting.

    Important notes:

    • If you are registering your student after the start of the school year, please be aware that after registration completion, there will be 2 full school days before an Elementary age student will attend classes.
    • Middle and High school may take up to one week after registration completion to attend based on school records request, parents will be contacted by the school.
    • Please note that Bismarck Public Schools no longer participates in Open Enrollment.
    • Kindergarten applicants must be age 5 by July 31st of the current year.