BPS Media Person(s) of the Year Awards

  • Each spring, Bismarck Public Schools recognizes a member of a local news entity for outstanding service in furthering public understanding about education. The Community Relations office gets input from staff regarding who should receive this annual award before making a decision. Here is a historical look at who has been honored by BPS:

    Year 1 1996-1997 Kerry Andrews, KX-12 TV, News Dept.
    Year 2 1997-1998 Marci Narum, KFYR TV, News Dept.
    Year 3 1998-1999 Sharon Dunham, Bismarck Tribune, News Dept.
    Year 4 1999-2000 Marci Narum, KFYR TV, News Dept.
    Year 5 2000-2001 Bob Brady & Stacy Sturm, Y93 FM, Morning Show & Fill/Bus
    Year 6 2001-2002 Jamie Dunnigan, KFYR TV, News Dept.
    Year 7 2002-2003 Dean Mastel, Cumulus Media
    Year 8 2003-2004 Shannon Dean & Bob Hughes, KFYR AM “Kid Speak” program
    Year 9 2004-2005 Lauren Grey, KX-12’s “Noon on 12” program producer
    Year 10 2005-2006 Vicki Weiss, Tribune’s “Hometown” section editor
    Year 11 2006-2007 Mary Van Sickle, Community Access Television (CATV)
    Year 12 2007-2008 Jody Kerzman, KFYR TV
    Year 13 2008-2009 KFYR AM radio
    Year 14 2009-2010 Sara Kincaid, Bismarck Tribune education reporter
    Year 15 2010-2011 Jody Kerzman, KFYR TV
    Year 16 2011-2012 Todd Mitchell/Dolly Dakota, Clear Channel, Fill the Bus, 15th anniversary in 2011-12.
    Year 17 2012-2013 KFYR TV videographers Dwayne Walker & Donna Hardt, 65 years combined.
    Year 18 2013-2014 Hannah Johnson, Bismarck Tribune education reporter
    Year 19 2014-2015 Jim Haussler, retiring Activities Director, Bismarck Public Schools 
    Year 20 2015-2016 BHS grad Todd Clausnitzer, Image Printing, for work on logos!
    Year 21 2016-2017 Tribune photogs: Will Kincaid, Tom Stromme, & Mike McCleary 
    Year 22 2017-2018 Dave Thompson for fair & balanced coverage of BPS & ND teacher negotiations and impasse meetings
    Year 23 2018-2019 Chief meteorologist Kevin Lawrence, KFYR TV, & meteorologist from KX12 TV, Amber Wheeler who go into ES classrooms and explain weather to students. 
    Year 24 2019-2020 • Amy Dalrymple, editor of The Bismarck Tribune.
    • J.R. Havens, news director at KFYR TV.
    • & Tia Streeter, KX-12 TV news director.