P-EBT Information

  • Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) is a federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic that allows eligible schoolchildren to receive temporary emergency food assistance. This is NOT affiliated with Bismarck Public Schools. 

    Summer Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) – Frequently Asked Questions

    P-EBT is a benefit that covers the cost of groceries during the Summer when children are not in school.

    P-EBT for school-aged children:

    • School-aged children that were enrolled in ND school SY 21-22 and were eligible for free or reduced meals are eligible for P-EBT.
    • Each School aged children will get an EBT card mailed to the address reported to the school
      • $391/child
      • Cards will be mailed by August 3rd.  Recipients should receive it by August 10th
    • Some children didn’t have addresses.  If so, they won’t be on our list for July issuance.  We are collecting addresses and hope to issue benefits to these kids in late August.  We have a separate list of these kids.
    • Eligible Pre-K enrolled in a K-12 school and have access to meals at school may be getting benefits with August issuance.  We needed to make sure we took care of the eligible 0-5 kids first to prevent “double dipping”
    • Students enrolled at an RCCI are not eligible
    • Children not enrolled in school last year and entering school this year (new Kindergarten) are not eligible.
    • Home school students are not eligible 
    • Approximately 15 private schools don’t enter student data into STARS.  We will be collecting student information from them in August for the late August issuance. 
    • All students enrolled at school that has implemented Community Eligibility provision or Provision 2 are eligible. 
    • If the card is sent to the wrong address, it will be returned to the state SNAP office and staff will work to find the correct address to mail it out to.
    • If children were not eligible for free or reduced-price meals in SY 21-22, families can apply for free or reduced-price meals by August 19th.  If determined eligible, the child will receive full summer PEBT benefit in either late August or early October, depending on when DPI receives the student information.
    • Applications can include students who apply who have graduated since the summer period is an extension of the SY.
    • Once the card is used up, they can throw it away. 
    • Some families are unable to activate the card.  This is because the Birthdate or zip code on file with the school are not the same as what the family is using.  They can contact the p-ebt email box for assistance.
    • Benefits will be removed from the card 9 months after there is no activity on the card.  If they are using the card the benefits will not expire.


    Families can contact P-EBT email box or helpline for assistance.  However, they will receive a faster response if they email their questions.  We aren’t able to keep up with the phone calls!!