• Omada
    Omada® is a personalized program designed to help you reach your health goals, whether that's losing weight, managing diabetes, lowering your blood pressure, or improving your overall health.  You'll get a dedicated health coach and the latest technology to support you in making lasting changes that fit your life, one step at a time. 
    *Omada Health is an independent company that provides health coaching services on behalf of BCBSND.

    Omada Flyer

    Omada provides Member Support during Omada’s business hours, Monday through Friday, 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM PDT (8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EDT), excluding holidays, by phone at 888-409- 8687, by email at and through the Omada web and mobile applications. Omada also offers members with a 24/7 online help center at

    Employees and adult family members (18+) who are covered under the BCBSND health plan through Bismarck Public Schools, and meet the clinical enrollment criteria. 

    Application Process:

    • Individuals interested in Omada can complete the online application (link below) to find out if they meet the clinical enrollment criteria to participate in the program. 
    • Those who complete the application and are eligible to enroll, will receive an email invitation to join the Omada program.
    • Choose the Join for $0
    • Individuals will receive an email from within 2 business days letting them know if they have been accepted into the program and information on how to setup their accounts.
    • Welcome kit and scale will be sent to your home within a few weeks of account setup completion.
    • Video link is not working on Omada page - video can be found here

    Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) services provided by Omada are a benefit covered at 100% to you or your family members who are enrolled in the BCBSND health plan with Bismarck Public Schools and at risk for type two diabetes.  
    DPP services offered by your local health care provider may also be covered at 100%.  Please check with your provider if you are interested in their DP services to determine if they are participating in offering this benefit. 

    How does the Omada program work once criteria are met:
    The program surrounds you with a variety of tools and support tailored to what you need to succeed to reach your health goals.

    • A professional health coach for one-on-one guidance.  The coaches keep participants on track, on their best days and their worst.
    • A wireless scale to monitor progress.  Participants will receive this ready-to-use device in the mail, already synced to their private account.
    • Weekly online lessons to educate and inspire.  Participants are guided through online lessons that tackle physical, social, and psychological components of healthy living. Interactive games reinforce learning and help participants make connections to real-world scenarios.
    • A small online community of peers with similar health condition for real-time encouragement, sharing, and support.

    For information on the status of your application, please go to, call (888) 409-8687, or check out the help center articles at

    If you have questions or need further information, please contact Paulette Kerzmann in HR at 323-4072.