Summer School Attendance

  • Attendance will be demonstrated by students and recorded by teachers based upon student engagement in daily activities, completion of assignments/activities, and communicating with the teacher. Teachers will record attendance daily based upon the previous day’s engagement. For instance, a student who did not participate in virtual classroom discussion, activity, complete assignment that was due, or communicate with the teacher would be counted unexcused on the following day’s attendance. If a student receives more than 5 unexcused absences in any one summer session, they will be unenrolled from summer school. It is essential students engage in their class and do not fall behind. Again, each day of the summer school is equal to a week of the regular school year. If a student exceeds 5 absences, they will be unenrolled from the course and the course will then be placed in their schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. This will result in a WF being put on their transcript (Withdrawal fail) and will count towards their GPA calculation (WF=0 points). There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this. You must realize that this. 

    All work for a school day should be posted no later than 8 a.m


    Students will have a 24-hour deadline, minimum, to turn work in.


    If a student submits work after the deadline, the work can still be turned in, but if the date the work was due was counted a missed day, we will not go back and change attendance. During summer school late work will still be accepted, but it is up to the teachers' discretion on how late they will except it. ALL work MUST be turned on the last day of the Semester or it will be counted as a ZERO.


     If a student is absent for the first 2 days of a session, they will be removed from the course.