Summer School Information

  • Summer School 2022 Basic Guidelines


    Summer School will be IN PERSON ONLY- there are NO distance learning options.


    Summer School:

    Session 1 (Semester 1) is June 2- June 22
    Session 2 (Semester 2) June 23- July 15th (NO SCHOOL on July 4th & 5th*) 
    *Students will need to make up these hours, each teacher will touch base with students on this*


    * Each day of the summer school is equal to a week of the

    regular school year. If a student exceeds 6 hours of  absence, they will be unenrolled

    from the course and the course will then be placed in their schedule for the

    2022-2023 school year. This will result in a WF being put on their transcript

    (Withdrawal fail) and will count towards their GPA calculation (WF=0 points).

    Absence Hours CANNOT be used the first or last day of the Semester- Students

    MUST be in class those days!!!!

    * There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this. 




    If a student is absent for the first 2 days of a

    the session, they will be removed from the course.


    There is NO summer school on JULY 4th and July 5th.



    Summer school is OPTIONAL, so counselors will not

    be checking in with students/guardians re failing grades, attendance, etc.

    Daily phone calls will go out if a student was absent.

    We want each student to succeed with summer school and we

    are here to help! If you have a question, please feel free to reach out to us.