Summer School Information

  • Summer School 2020 Basic Guidelines


    Summer School will be distance, Ed, this summer, meaning

    everything will be online. Students should already have a Chromebook to use. It

    is important to read over the information below to get a better understanding

    of how Distance Ed Summer School will work. It is important to have reliable



    Summer School: June 1, 2020- July 10, 2020 (first

    session: June 1-June 19; second session: June 22-July 10). No school July 3.


    Teachers will be emailing out information, so please be

    sure to have students check their SCHOOL EMAIL.   


    During summer school, teachers have 2 hours available

    each day as designated office hours. Each teacher may have different hours and

    will share them with their classes. 


    Students can pick-up supplies from 1-3 pm on Thursday,

    May 28th, or from 10 am-12 pm on Friday, May 29th. If your student needs

    supplies, the teacher will be in contact with you about pick up. This will be at

    door number 1 at Legacy.


    Attendance will be demonstrated by students and recorded

    by teachers based upon student engagement in daily activities, completion of

    assignments/activities, and communicating with the teacher. Teachers will

    record attendance daily based upon the previous day’s engagement. For instance,

    a student who did not participate in virtual classroom discussion, activity,

    complete assignment that was due, or communicate with the teacher would be

    counted unexcused on the following day’s attendance. If a student receives more

    than 5 unexcused absences in any one summer session, they will be unenrolled

    from summer school. It is essential students engage in their class and do not

    fall behind. Again, each day of the summer school is equal to a week of the

    regular school year. If a student exceeds 5 absences, they will be unenrolled

    from the course and the course will then be placed in their schedule for the

    2020-2021 school year. This will result in a WF being put on their transcript

    (Withdrawal fail) and will count towards their GPA calculation (WF=0 points).

    There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this. You must realize that this. 

    All work for a school day should be posted no later than

    8 a.m


    Students will have a 24-hour deadline, minimum, to turn

    work in.


    If a student submits work after the deadline, the work

    can still be turned in, but if the date the work was due was counted a missed

    day, we will not go back and change attendance. During summer school late work

    will still be accepted, but it is up to the teachers' discretion on how late

    they will except it. ALL work MUST be turned on the last day of the Semester or

    it will be counted as a ZERO.


     If a student is absent for the first 2 days of a

    the session, they will be removed from the course.


    There is NO summer school on JULY 3rd.

    Finals have always been an expectation during summer

    school, that will remain the same for this summer session.


    Please have your student check their school email for

    more information from their teacher. Each class will vary so it is important to

    be in contact with the teacher. 


     Summer school is OPTIONAL, so counselors will not

    be checking in with students/guardians re failing grades, attendance, etc.

    Daily phone calls will go out if a student was absent.

    We want each student to succeed with summer school and we

    are here to help! If you have a question, please feel free to reach out to us.

    We are all in this together and we are excited about the kid’s success. 


    Thank you so much for all of your support and patience as we sort through our first-ever distance Ed Summer School!