Field and Activity Trip Information

  • All field trips:

    1) Cannot be scheduled to leave a school before 9:00 a.m. (without prior Transportation Department approval).

    2) Must be completed and the bus be back to the school by 2:30 p.m.

    These times are necessary so that the buses can complete their morning routes and be on time to leave the schools for their afternoon routes.


    • Current rate for in-town trips is $72.81 per hour per bus with a 1½ hour minimum charge.
    • Trips that are 30 miles or more one way from the school are charged $2.79 per mile per bus.
    • Coach buses through Harlow's are charged at the current rate of $3.92 per mile per bus. Charges may also include cost of second driver and rental car.
    • The charges are subject to change dependent upon fuel prices.
    • Charges may also include meals, lodging, tolls, driver downtime, etc.
    • District vehicle rate is $0.39 per mile.
    • Coaches driving district vehicles need to turn the Trip Slip with mileage into Transportation. To claim travel time reimbursement, fill out "Driver Expense Reimbursement - Activities Use Only" found on iVisions under District Forms and turn into your Activity Director for approval.
    • If driving a district vehicle, make sure to email both front and back of your driver’s license to for insurance purposes.
    • ALL out of State or Country field trips must be approved by the appropriate Assistant Superintendent.
    • ALL out of State or Country Activity trips must be approved by the District Activity Director.
    • Schools/Teams/Activities will be responsible for entering trips into Tripfinder.
    • All buses are subject to availability.
    • Transportation is for coaches, team members, and student managers only. Family members ARE NOT ALLOWED due to insurance issues.
    • Coaches/Teachers, not drivers, are responsible for the actions of the student participants. If a driver asks a student to stop doing something, it will be the responsibility of the coach/teacher to make certain the request is followed.
    • Account Code is no longer a required field. If you have a special account code to use, please enter it; otherwise, your general school or activity account code will be charged.
    • Depart Time is the time you want the bus to arrive at the school to load; Return Time is the time you want the bus to load at the destination for the return trip to school (not the time you want the bus to return to the school).


    Questions? Call 323-4500.