• 2022-2023 Sunrise Elementary Annual Calendar Raffle


    Drawings November (on days we have school ONLY)

    Watch for Calendar Raffle Tickets and details, which will be coming home at a later date. 

    Dan's Supermarket Receipts

    Save your Dan’s Supermarket receipts! We’re raising money to purchase new playground equipment through Direct Your Dollars

    For the past few years, Sunrise Elementary has received consistent feedback from teachers and parents/guardians that our current playground does not meet the needs of our younger and smaller students. The Sunrise PTO is raising money for this playground enhancement. Now, through Direct Your Dollars, we have a new and exciting way to raise money to accomplish that goal!

    Direct Your Dollars is a receipt-based program, meaning that we can raise money simply by doing something we all do each week – going to the grocery store.

    Every time you shop at your local Dan’s Supermarket store, save your receipts – and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Once we’ve collected $150,000 in receipts from these stores, we can turn those slips of paper into a $1,000 check for Sunrise Elementary PTO!

    To reach our goal of $150,000 in receipts, we’ll be collecting eligible receipts in our Direct Your Dollars box. The box is located in the main entrance foyer right outside of the school office. Please make sure you drop off the original receipt – that’s how we earn our $1,000 check.

    If you aren’t able to drop your receipts off in person, you can send with your child or mail them to 3800 Nickerson Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58504

    Through the Direct Your Dollars program, we can turn YOUR Dan’s Supermarket receipts into cash for OUR playground enhancement project!


    Shoparoo is a free iPhone and Android app that turns pictures of your shopping receipts into donations for Sunrise! Shop anywhere you want, buy whatever you normally buy. Just take a quick moment to snap a quick picture of your receipt. Sunrise earns money for each receipt image. It's that simple!

    How to use Shoparoo:

    1. Download the free Shoparoo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Log onto www.shoparoo.com and get the app today!
    2. Once it's downloaded, select our school as your cause and take pictures of receipts!
    3. Every photo of a receipt, big or small, earns money for our school! Works for any store no matter what products you buy. Works at so many types of retailers - Grocers, Supercenters, Clubs, Drug Stores, Dollar Stores, Pet Supply Stores. The information is kept completely anonymous and used in market research reports.

    Coca-Cola Give

    With Coke.com/give, every purchase of your favorite Coca-Cola beverages is an opportunity to make a difference. To donate, simply visit Coke.com/give, select Sunrise Elementary and scan or enter product codes from participating Coca-Cola products.