• Registration:

    Please call our main office at 701-323-4520 to set up a registration appointment. All transfer requests must go through the student's home school and be approved by SCHS Administration. 

    If student is under the age of 18, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are required to attend registration with new and returning students to sign necessary paperwork and receive information on his/her educational plans, career choices and goals.

    Entrance Requirements:

    • Students enrolling must be between 16-21 years of age 
    • Student must be a Bismarck resident. Please contact Central Registration at 701-323-4110 if you have any questions regarding establishing residency. 
    • All required paperwork, permissions, IEP's, Immunizations and transcripts must be delivered to SCHS prior to registration.
    • Students who complete their graduation requirements at SCHS will receive a SCHS diploma unless their former high school and SCHS mutually agree that they can receive their diploma from their former school.
    • Graduation Guidelines: South Central High School requires 24 credits to graduate.
    • Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation: If a student repeats a class, both grades will stay on the transcript and will be calculated in the cumulative GPA. Graduating seniors will receive their GPA's for all classes taken in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.