• Courses required for graduation from Bismarck Public Schools:
    Language Arts: Four credits of Language Arts is required.

    Mathematics: Three credits of Mathematics will be required for all students.

    Science: Three credits are required.

    Social Studies: Three credits in Social Studies are required. Required courses include: Global Studies or World Civilizations, United States History (first and second semesters), and Senior Social Studies which includes Government and Economics.

    Physical Education: 2 credits. Health or Family Living may be substituted for one PE credit.

    Elective Credits: in addition to the above required credits, students must earn nine elective credits. At South Central High School, we encourage Career Planning to assist the students in choosing electives.

    Minimum Graduation Requirements: No student can graduate from South Central High School with less than 24 credits.

    For Baccalaureate Classes in the North Dakota University System:

    • 4 units of Language Arts,
    • 3 units of Mathematics, Algebra I and above
    • 3 units of Laboratory Science including at least 2 credits in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, or Applied Biology/Chemistry
    • 3 units of Social Studies.