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    Human Resources Department
    128 Soo Line Dr.
    Bismarck, ND 58501
    (701) 323-4070

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    The Human Resources Department is located in the Central Administration Building at 128 Soo Line Dr. in Bismarck.  Park on the east side of the building in the parking lot, or on the street (north side). Enter through the main entrance (NE side).  Google Maps

    The Human Resources Department provides the public and employees with information on job openings, benefits, compensation packages, employment policies and procedures, employee relations, and staff development.

    With our specialized knowledge in human resources management, we serve to help the district maximize its effectiveness as an employer, and to help employees maximize their effectiveness for the district, in order to attain the vision that all students will graduate and be college, career and community ready.

    Stacey Geiger
    Human Resources Director

    Paulette Kerzmann
    Human Resources Generalist
    All employee benefits, FMLA medical/baby leave, lane change processing (credits), evaluations (Perform), tracking hourly employee positions/scheduled hours (regular/summer). 

    Tracey Reinbold
    Human Resources Generalist
    Working in collaboration with HR and the LDI team; mentor/mentee program, recruitment, new teacher orientation, sub/aide training, Unified Talent professional learning, scheduling/communication for PD days 

    Betty Thornton
    Human Resources Support Specialist
    Issues annual contracts, new hire contracts, lane change contracts and summer school agreements.  Works with new hires on licensing and employment verification.

    Brynn Zuther
    Human Resources Support Specialist
    Recruit & Hire (all position postings etc.), Absence Management, substitute teachers and substitute aides onboarding and training, job descriptions and fingerprinting. 

    Amber Estabrook
    Human Resources Assistant
    WSI, new hires (onboarding), background checks, teacher licensing renewals, employee name badges/electronic keycards.