2024 Graduation Guide

  • Class Motto: It’s our time to soar, fly high 2024 

    Senior Class President:  Raya Rood 
    Vice President:  Paige Breuer 
    Cabinet Members:  Morgan Colbert Johnson and Sydney Hall 

    BHS Senior Salute- airs on KFYR and FOX on May 26th

    For more information about the Senior Salute series that supports our graduating seniors, please go to: https://bpsfoundation.com/impact/bps-senior-salute/

    BPS Foundation is offering a flash drive option. To purchase one, here is the ordering link and informationhttps://bpsfoundation.com/impact/bps-senior-salute/bps-senior-salute-keepsake-order-form/

    BHS Senior Salute

    Congratulations to the 2024 class valedictorians:
    Leandro Araujo, Macy Barth, Jersey Berg, Paige Breuer, Reagan Dever, Tavia Eberle, Aidan Ellertson, Madeline Engel, Cambrie Fischer, Annabelle Fuchs, Hadley Greer, Clarissa Haas, Grace Haider, Sydney Hall, Gabriel Hanson, Tyler Harper, Rylee Heinen, Carson Henke, Parker Hintz, Madison Hopfauf, Srividhya Igathinathane, Audrey Johnson, Emma Johnson, Mya Johnson, Morgan Johnson-Colbert, Braxton Just, Alec Keller, Ava Krikorian, Alyson Krug, Dyvichj Kumar, Taryn Malmedal, Kennedy Marcus, Jefferson Miller, Sophia Ness, Kalli Netland, Remington Nunez, Kadence Rambur, Zoe Reichenberger, Raegan Rennich, Emily Riepl, Raya Rood, Ryan Russell, Hannah Sarkilahti, Andrew Schadler, Kya Sease, Dalila Sharp, Remi Sorenson, Bryce Vatnsdal, Jaxon Vorachek, Tyler Wahl, Lauren Weiler, Liam Weis, Logan Wetzel, Brielle Wrangham, Ethnie Zahn, Syed Noah Zaidi

    Valedictorian is determined by the student's GPA.The above students have a 4.0 or higher GPA. AMAZING!!!!

    Below are Students of Highest Distinction. These are students who have a 3.75-4.0 GPA. 
    Miranda Albrecht, Tayla Andersen, Kirna Anderson, Eden Anton, Irelynd Bartholomay, Jessie Bean, Alexis Beckler, Joseph Bergstad, Emerson Carufel, Lucas Dickerson, Kendra Dockter, Valerie Ebenal, Neysa Fernandez, Aliveya Fink, Addysen Geerdes, Brady Gerrity, Ajaye Gill, Rosella Gomez, Kaydra Griffin, Grace Gross, Carter Henke, Eleanore Horning, Jane Hubbard, Gabriellah Jacob, Tyrus Jangula, Kaylee Johnson, Dru Kautzman, Jacob Kiefer, Tyler Knopp, Olivia Koch, Taylor Koster, Anika Kvien, Emmi Lawson, Preston Lemar, Ty Luetzen, Jeran McNichols, Nicholas Movchan, TJ Neideffer, Zoe Nelson, Chaz Ohlsen, Kyila Olson, Kaden Overson, Bridger Owens, Abby Renner, Logan Reuschlein, Benjamin Richter, Kavan Rufus, John Sackman, McKenna Schmitt, Maren Swenson, Cyd Nina Taga-Amo, Messina Ternes, Nora Timpe, Keelin Traynor, Rayha Urness, Magdalene Weaver, Bayla Weigel, Jack Wood, Christopher Yoder, Hayden Zacher, Mollee Zahn

    KFYR Best of the Class. This is based off 4.0 GPA and a 28 or higher score on the ACT. 
    Paige Breuer, Aidan Ellertson, Grace Haider, Gabriel Hanson, Tyler Harper, Parker Hintz, Srividhya Igathinathane, Morgan Johnson-Colbert, Braxton Just, Dyvichj Kumar, Taryn Malmedal, Remington Nunez, Zoe Reichenberger, Raegan Rennich, Raya Rood, Ryan Russell, Andrew Schadler, Bryce Vatnsdal

    2024 Presidential Award Recipients –
    Seniors who have maintained a 3.5 or higher-grade point average and have scored in the 85th percentile or higher in reading or math on a standardized test are considered a member of this program.

    Tayla Andersen, Kirna Anderson, Leandro Araujo, Macy Barth, Paige Breuer, Garen Crouse, Reagan Dever, Lucas Dickerson, Valerie Ebenal, Tavia Eberle, Aidan Ellertston, Madeline Engel, Braden Grahl, Hadley Greer, Grace Haider, Gabriel Hanson, Tyler Harper, Carson Henke, Parker Hintz, Eleanore Horning, Srividhya Igathinathane, Audrey Johnson, Emma Johnson, Mya Johnson, Morgan Johnson-Colbert, Braxton Just, Dyvichj Kumar, Emmi Lawson, Ty Luetzen, Taryn Malmedal, Jeran McNichols, Nicholas Movchan, Zoe Nelson, Sophia   Ness, Remington Nunez, Kaden Overson, Zoe Reichenberger, Raegan Rennich, Raya Rood, Kavan Rufus, Ryan Russell, Hannah Sarkilahti, Andrew Schadler, Dalila Sharp, Remi Sorenson, Messina Ternes, Keelin Traynor, Bryce Vatnsdal, Liam Weis, Syed Zaidi


    The year is winding down and graduation is right around the corner! Some things to be aware of:

    1. You have the opportunity to purchase your student-issued Chromebook for $20. The fee for the Chromebook can be paid via MyPaymentsPlus or with cash/check in the admin office. This must be paid before May 14th so the fee doesn’t affect your test exemption. If you are not interested in purchasing your Chromebook, follow the steps emailed.
    2. Once you graduate, you will no longer have access to your BPSapps account. This includes all your Google Drive files. Follow these directions emailed to you to transfer your school files to a personal gmail account.

     Congratulations and best of luck!

    Graduating seniors and students leaving the district will lose access to all Google services using their @bspapps.org email address;  this includes Docs, Sites, Calendar, YouTube, Gmail and other services tied to their @bpsapps.org email address.

    Students can download their files to a .zip archive or transfer their files to a personal Google account.  Get started by logging into either your @bpsapps.org account and select one of the following:

    1. Download your data
      Visit https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout to export and download your data from the Google products you use.  Help and more information is available at https://goo.gl/PGKnGK
    2. Transfer your content
      Visit https://takeout.google.com/transfer to copy and transfer your emails and Google Drive files to another Google account.  Help and more information is available at https://goo.gl/o8pJTL

    Final Transcripts
    Final Transcripts are required by future colleges. This transcript confirms to colleges that you did graduate and what the date of graduate was. Final transcript will be with your diploma. 

    Request a transcript

    Donations After Graduation
    If you do not want your cap/gown after graduation, please consider donating it back to BHS. These donations would go to our students in need. 

    After 2008, the gown color changed so we can not take any gowns before that. 


    2019 Graduation Speech
    Sydney Helgeson Graduation Speech to Lady Gaga’s Shallow


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