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    Expectant or Young Parents at SCHS

    South Central High School strives to be a supportive program/environment for expectant mothers or young parents. We will complete a Student Support Plan for expectant parents/young parents. Support will be determined on an individual basis, involving a team decision. Possible team members may include principal, school social worker, counselor, teachers, parents/guardians and the student.


    Parents are responsible for their own babies. Please be aware that bringing your baby into the school could expose them to different viruses, including colds, flus and COVID. We depend on parents to make appropriate choices in keeping their babies safe and cared for while at school. We reccommend you check with your baby's medical provider before bringing them to school. 


     Students will have the following options in completing their education while parenting:

    1.  Home Study: this would be considered as a viable option when circumstances prevent the student from attending school full-time. The intent is to use Home Study for a limited time and to return to full time status as soon as possible. Schedule will be determined by the team. The student should maintain the same work pace as a student attending class full time, including meeting 21 day goals and completing the class in 42 days. Tests have to be proctored and monitored at SCHS once the daily work has been reviewed by the teacher.


    1. Parenting Leave: this would be discussed at the Student Support Meeting, giving parents a chance to take a specific amount of time off for medical needs surrounding pregnancy, birth, healing and bonding.


    1. Infants at School: students will be allowed to bring their infant to school until the infant reaches 6 months old. The intent is to ease the return to school once becoming a parent. This will also allow for parents to bond and attach with their infants. Both male and female students can request to bring their infant to school. A parent support room, The Nest, will be available to the parents to allow them to care for diapering, feeding and soothing needs. Students will be encouraged to be in regular classes as much as possible with their infant. However, other students’ needs will also need to be taken into account. Therefore, if the young parent needs to leave the classroom, or if a teacher encourages the need for an alternate setting for parent and child, The Nest will be available for use. . If a mother is still pumping after her baby is 6 months she is welcome to use this private area as well. A fridge is available for storage of milk.