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Horizon Traffic & Safety

Please do not use the parking lots to pick up or drop off students. This is a huge safety concern for students and staff. The north area is only for busses and staff parking. 

Morning and Afternoon Traffic

In order to help ease the morning traffic congestion on Ash Coulee Drive, please consider the following:

*use the bus if your student is registered for it;

*drop your student off at the lighted sidewalk located on Fountainblue Drive behind the school;


Please share this information with others that pick up or drop off your student.  

Thank you for your cooperation.


Morning drop off and afternoon pick up safety

Please share the following information with others that may be picking up or dropping off your child.

1. The parking lots are for parking only. Do not drop off or pick up students in any of the parking lots.

2. Do not drop off or pick up students in the accessible parking signed areas.

3. Do not use the north side of the school to drop off or pick up your students. Only busses are allowed on the north side.

4. Do not drop off or pick up students in the middle lanes before the crosswalk in front of the school, only at the crosswalk.

5. Always watch out for pedestrians and make sure your child is using the crosswalk.